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  Bio Flow Natural Health 

At Bio Flow Natural Health our holistic approach to wellness is to make simple lifestyle changes, which will positively affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  With the high cost of insurance and higher co-pays on prescriptions, it only makes sense to apply alternative preventative methods to make yourself healthier. We offer services that will equip you to live well every day of your life through:

  • Live Cell Analysis
  • Holistic Education and  Training
  • Personalized Diet Consultation Nutrition and Lifestyle Analysis
  • pH, Urine and Saliva Analysis
  • Hair Analysis
  • Food Sensitivity testing
  • Acupuncture

By balancing your diet and your level of vitamins, minerals and essential are be able to improve and even eliminate many symptoms causing you pain and other issues that disrupt your quality of life.

In our fast-paced world, we tend to look for a quick fix to our problems, regardless of the situation.  At Bio Flow, we prefer to look at problems as challenges that are simply presented when we least expect them. When these challenges are presented, you must find a solution to them or simply accept the outcome, good or bad. 

Take your health, for example.  If you consume foods high in fat, processed sugar and sodium or food with little or no nutritional value, then you should expect some consequences at some point in your life.  When your body can no longer function as it was intended to, most people have a tendency to look for a quick fix - such as a list of prescription drugs to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels or reduce insulin levels.  But what about your diet...are you still eating unhealthy foods? Learn what foods agree with your blood type, as certain foods will produce antigens that aggregate the blood and cause internal inflammation from lectin proteins in foods.

Have you ever thought about the foods that might seem healthy but are a hindrance to your thyroid or your arthritis. Learn the right natural supplements and foods that help heal you and not hinder your healing.

What you eat and the lifestyle choices you make will transform how you feel for better or  worse. Our mission is to help you realize lifestyle changes using sound nutritional practices that can increase your overall well-being for a lifetime.  Using our hands-on experience and counseling, we can show you the benefits of alternative health practices.  A holistic health approach will be more cost-effective as it is based on alternative natural prevention to treat the cause rather than the symptom.

Profit-based synthetic drugs or compounds, and synthetic or artificial substances are not what the human body is designed to receive. The overwhelming majority of these substances cause short and long term cellular damage to varying degrees, without addressing root causes of disease.Having a life-long interest and passion for healing, and after dedicating my life to the study and practice of the healing arts, and understanding  the function and effect of specific nutritional components in relation to cellular support and communication, disease prevention, disease recovery, and effective anti-aging.

  • Educate yourself by providing fact based knowledge that is easy to understand

  • Personalize a nutritional program through a hands-on consultative approach

  • Train you in how to maintain an exercise program, specifically to your needs

  • Introduce alternative health care practices that will assist you in your daily walk in healing your body.
  • Provide healthy tips and health care updates through out our website
  •  Learn proper food combining for better digestion